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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2013 Daily Pisces Horoscope

2013 Daily Pisces Horoscope:

Dear Pisces, strong energy is with you this month for career, recognition, prominence, believability, and visibility. Others are recognizing you as a leader and believing in your competency. A project begun earlier this year that revolves around home and family might be realized now. December is a good month for money for self-employed Pisceans; and it's also strong for publishing or promotional activities. Your social life is likely to be lively, if not downright dramatic, this month. There is a tendency to excess, particularly around family or when it comes to spending money on the home. Even so, as much as career and public life call, your true joy can be found in and around the home, which sets up a warm and special, if slightly unconventional, holiday season. From the 25th until early February, you'll be needing extra time for rest and relaxation. See to it that you get it. Romantic revelations or proclamations are possible towards year's end.